Grout Pumps

Wastecorp is a manufacturer of Sludge Sucker®  grout pumps that can be operated manually or through air power.  Sludge Sucker's are designed for resin and cementitious based material such as grout with a slump of 10” or more (not recommended for epoxy-type grout). It is also recommended to use products such as “Slick Willie” or “Slick-Pak” to help reduce line pressure and reduce overall friction in the pump and hose system. 


Advanced Grout Pump Design

Sludge Sucker manual diaphragm grout pumps feature a specialized grout channel in the pump body that helps grout flow better.

Large Hopper Funnel

Wastecorp’s premium hopper funnel features a 3.5 gallon capacity that sends grout directly into the pump body enhancing your productivity.

Heavy Duty Crank Mechanism

For professional construction and public works applications high quality, long lasting equipment is key to getting your jobs finished on time and on budget. The Sludge Sucker is a helpful tool in your fleet to assist in accomplishing these goals.

Single or Double Grout Pumps

Get either single or double capacity grout pumps for your job site.

Door Frame Grout Pump Options

Grouting door frames? Wastecorp has specialized packages below to make grouting door frames easier for your crew.

Air Driven Option

Air driven grout pumps are ideal for higher capacity grouting jobs for construction and government applications.

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