Sludge Master HPE 113/1143

HPE 113/1143 Triplex Heavy Duty Plunger Pump

Pump sewage and sludge up to 418 GPM at up to 130 ft of head with Sludge Master HPE 1143 plunger pumps. Designed and manufactured by ISO 9001 certified pump manufacturer Wastecorp Pumps.

  • 11" Plunger Dia.
  • 130 ft. Head
  • 418 GPM

There is a reason Wastecorp HPE-11 Series plunger pumps continue to pump sewage for the world’s largest wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities. There is simply no other time tested pump technology that can compare to the long term reliability, productivity and low cost of ownership than the Wastecorp HPE-11 since 1928. With the HPE-11 plunger pump, you customize to suit your operating conditions. Whether you need a dual ball valve configuration on stainless steel components Wastecorp has the right HPE11 for your facility.

Packing Options

Keep it clean with Wastecorp’s advanced technology packing materials available in graphite flax, Plunger Pac with urethane cup, braided Kevlar and Teflon materials for a superior seal around the plunger. Sewage and sludge stays in its place and the pump requires less maintenance.

Single or Dual Ball Valve Configurations

Sludge Master Plunger Pumps are available in single or dual ball valve configurations. Select a single ball valve configuration for applications like average sewage pumping applications. Also ideal for facilities with a grinder or a screening system. If your WWTP has over 18% solids handling requirements then the dual ball valve configuration will help transfer higher concentrations of abrasives and solids


Shafting Material

Sludge Master Plunger Pump shafts are designed to last. With advanced materials and innovative finishing processes, Wastecorp pump shafts can last between 5-50 years or more of service.


Start Up Services

Get the factory training for your operators they deserve. When you order your new Sludge Master Plunger Pump make sure you add start up services. A trained Wastecorp technician arrives at your facility walks your staff through the safe and effective operation of your new pump.


Lifecycle Support

Wastecorp Sludge Master Plunger Pumps are celebrating over 30 years of service. We provide parts and service support in most areas with parts available within 24 hours

Standard Features

Standard Connection Type
ANSI #150 Flanged

Optional Features

Optional Drives
a) Constant Speed, Helical Shaft-Mounted vertical Gearmotor (vertical), b) V-Belt/Gear/Pulley System, c) Mechanical Variable Speed Drives, d) Variable Frequency Drives

Pump Specifications

Air Chambers
(2) 9"x30"
Ball Valves
5.125" Urethane with Centralized Iron Core
Driver Speed
1200 RPM (Belt Driven); 1800 RPM (Direct Drive)
ASTM A48, Class 35 Grey Iron
Eccentric Dia.
A4140/4142 High-Strength Alloy Steel
Max Stroke Length
Max Strokes per Minute
Max. Flow Capacity
418 GPM
Max. Suction Lift
No. of Pin Positions
Number of Plungers
ASTM A48, Class 35 Grey Iron
Plunger Diameter
Power Transmission
Constant Speed, Helical horizontal Gearmotor coupled to pump’s mainshaft, Max. Output Speed: 50 RPM
Suction/Discharge Size
Total Head
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