Vacuum Trailers

Vacuum trailers are an alternative to large vac trucks. With Super Duty vacuum pumps you can tow up to a 2000 gallon trailer to your job sites with optional tilt tanks and dual compartment waste plus water systems.  Vacuum trailers with high suction  pumps are available up to 200 GPM. Tanks sizes up to 2500 gallons. Maximum suction and discharge distance up to 3000 ft. 


Premium Welded Vacuum Tanks

Wastecorp vacuum tanks are made with steel or optional stainless steel for long term durability and reliability. You can customize specific tank components like volume gauges, inspection ports and manways

High Performance Pumps

Wastecorp Super Duty Vacuum Pumps have the high suction power you are looking for. With standard 230 CFM you can pump most kinds of septic waste, waste trap grease, grit, muddy fluids, slurries and solids. Optional vacuum power up to an eye popping 530 CFM.

Severe Duty Trailers

Wastecorp goes the extra step with our trailer systems. With premium galvanized frames you’ll get protection for your investment. Diamond plate decks, Breakaway switch, LED lights and electric brakes are all standard features you deserve.

Tilt Tank Available

Automate your process by tilting your tank at the push of a button.

Waste + Water

Select from waste only tanks or waste and fresh water compartments in the same tank

Manway Options

Select from three sizes of optional manways for easier cleaning and inspection


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