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Wastecorp Pumps provides a complete line of pre-engineered packaged pump stations for any type of water and wastewater lift application. Select from above ground, below ground and auto-start pump stations. The Wastecorp Trash Flow provides a patented shimless adjustable wear plate carrier which comes standard on every pump station. For many municipal or industrial applications, a packaged and factory engineered lift station or booster station is the best choice. Each factory built station can be housed in a corrosion and mildew resistant fiberglass case that offers an easy lift off canopy design and large access hinged door for easy maintenance, cleaning and repair. Select from above or below ground - duplex, triplex and quadruplex pump stations which are fully tested prior to shipping and are designed to be user friendly with push button electric controls that can be monitored on site or furnished with remote control accessories with optional back-up diesel generators for locations where power outages are a frequent occurrence during severe weather.


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