Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps How To Choose

Ball Valve or Flapper Valve? Which design is best for your fluid handling application and operating conditions?

Flapper Valve

  • Designed for intermittent use
  • If pumping wastewater or sludge below 15% solids, a flapper valve diaphragm pump design is a good choice
  • See flapper valve style diaphragm pumps available

Ball Valve

  • Designed for intermittent use
  • If pumping a liquid that has a solids concentration greater than 15% Examples include; Return activated sludge (RAS), waste activated sludge (WAS), wastewater, food processing waste, oil sludge and liquids with similar properties
  • If the material will harden or dry quickly
  • The ball valve breaks up materials or solids easily
  • See Ball Valve Style single diaphragm pumps available
  • See Double Diaphragm style diaphragm pumps available