Pump Energy Consumption

Like many pump operators you are probably wondering what is the energy consumption difference between using an air operated diaphragm pump (AOD Pump) or AODD pump and a mechanical style diaphragm pump with an electric motor or gas engine. Here you can compare the energy costs of operating an AOD pump and a mechanically driven diaphragm pump

With rising energy costs and heightened environmental awareness, Wastecorp has recently engaged in a study of comparing the relative cost to operate a mechanically driven diaphragm pump and an air operated pump.

Based on an average operating time of 8,760 hours per year, an air driven pump will cost nearly $4000 per year versus $500 for a mechanically operated pump like a Mud Sucker.*

The Pump Perspective

  • When we apply these fact to real time operating conditions, a typical air driven pump operating a 1 HP air motor at 100 psi is equal to a 7-8 hp electric motor.
  • Mud Sucker diaphragm pumps are driven by high efficiency motors which meet EPACT and NEMA MG1 standards
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, "compressed air is one of the most expensive sources of energy in a plant. The overall efficiency of a typical compressed air system can be as low as 10-15%"

* Costs are based on average electricity costs in major American markets. Figures are in U.S dollars.