Sludge Master Plunger Pumps What's New in Plunger Pumps?

When researching information on a positive displacement pump like a plunger pump, one of the most important factors to consider is how long the technology has been specified by consulting engineers and approved for government use. Wastecorp’s PE, HPE and EHPE Series have been specified for municipal and industrial sewage treatment since the 1920’s with several engineering updates and upgrades made over the years.

The Space Saving Sewage Pump

The Space Saver II plunger pump is directly driven from the gear box eliminating the need for stanchion support. For Budget conscious municipalities, you'll save between 20-30% on your parts and installation budget since there is no need for a concrete base.

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Compact Simplex Design

With a vertical motor mount and easy access to the pump interior, your maintenance staff will wonder why they every spent a full maintenance trying to service a progressive cavity or lobe pump.

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The Replaceable Connecting Rod Insert

The new PE 2 Duplex is a dual action piston pump for the toughest municipal sewage transfer on the market. Plus, you can replace that Moyno, Komline, or Penn Valley with few piping changes.

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