Plunger Pump FAQ

What is The History of The Sludge Master Plunger Pump?     

ITT (now Xylem) sold the Marlow Plunger Pump product line to Wastecorp in 1993. This includes all proprietary engineering drawings, specifications, tooling, patterns, molds and more. Today, this product line is manufactured and marketed under the Sludge Master® brand name. Spare parts are available for all Marlow Plunger Pumps dating back to the 1930's.

How does a plunger pump work?   

A Plunger pump is a positive displacement pump that uses reciprocating plungers and check balls to transfer sludge.


What is the difference between a piston and plunger pump?

A piston pump is for clean liquid like oil , whereas a plunger pump is used to pump waste sludge.

What is a Triplex Plunger Pump?

Plunger pumps are offered in simple , duplex, triplex and quad designs. Triplex plungers offer a smoother low shear flow.

What are the two types of piston pumps?  

The two types are low pressure below 100 psi and high pressure above 100 psi

Where are plunger pumps used?

They are used at industrial and municipal facilities to pump all types of sludge and slurries .

Is Wastecorp Pumps an ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified Plunger Pump Manufacturer?


What is the difference between PE, HPE and Space
Saver plunger pump models?

PE Series plunger pumps are engineered for light-heavy duty sludge pumping applications at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

HPE Series plunger pumps are designed for heavy-extreme duty sludge transfer applications at large city wastewater treatment facilities and industrial fluid handling plants.

Space Saver Series plunger pumps fit easily into areas with space constraints, providing similar pumping power within a compact design. All of the above models are OEM manufactured and tested by Wastecorp Pumps.

What design changes has Wastecorp made to the plunger pump?

As America's leading plunger pump manufacturer,
Wastecorp is at the forefront of plunger pump design and innovation.

Wastecorp is the first to design and engineer the
replaceable insert wear sleeve on all connecting rods. Now, you only have to replace the babbitt on your connecting rod. This feature is an exclusive Wastecorp innovation.

Wastecorp's Plunger Pac leak prevention system
significantly reduces leaks and strengthens the seal
around the plunger and stuffing box.

Wastecorp's Wastenot campaign is committed to
lowering emissions and saving energy. Wastecorp 
identifies energy saving drive systems for all new plunger
pumps.  This lowers your operating costs and reduces environmental impact. 

How do I locate an authorized Wastecorp plunger pump representative or distributor?

Contact us at 1-888-829-2783 or email  to locate an authorized distributor for Wastecorp pump products in your local area

You can also complete a form online detailing your request.

How do I replace a lost plunger pump owners and operators manual (O&M Manual)?

Contact Wastecorp for a replacement O&M manual for plunger pump models dating back to 1957.

Have your model number and serial number ready for the Wastecorp representative.

Can Wastecorp replace other plunger pump makes?

Yes. Wastecorp replaces most other plunger pump brands including Komline-Sanderson, Carter Plunger Pumps and Marlow Plunger Pumps without piping changes or alterations. You can call 1-888-829-2783 or email with any questions and and engineering manager will help you plan your replacement.

You can get an RFQ online now.

Our facility has hired new pump operations or maintenance staff. Does Wastecorp have a plunger pump training program?

Yes. Wastecorp offers several pump training packages for municipal and industrial facilities. A Wastecorp pump specialist guides your staff through proper maintenance and safety procedures and shows you how to save on operating costs throughout the life cycle of your plunger pump.

Contact Wastecorp to find out more.

Do you have parts for other plunger pump brand names?

Yes. Wastecorp provides replacement parts and factory rebuilds for all plunger pump brand names.

With Wastecorp, you get hassle free and satisfaction guaranteed warranties. Call Wastecorp at 1.888.829.2783 to learn more.

Where are Wastecorp Plunger Pumps Manufactured?

Wastecorp Pumps has two North American manufacturing and assembly factories. One is in Toronto, Canada and our second facility is in Grand Island, New York USA.

The facility your pump ships from depends on your geographical location and plunger pump model selected.

Does Wastecorp have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. Every Wastecorp employee agrees to follow the Wastecorp Way. The Wastecorp Way prohibits the use of unscrupulous or fraudulent sales tactics.

Wastecorp prides itself on hiring knowledgeable and experienced pump specialists who value integrity and fair business practices.

Does Wastecorp have video showing plunger pump installations?

Wastecorp has video clips posted on showing case studies, service and training and 3D modeling of our pumps. Visit the video link to see videos.

Visit Wastecorp's YouTube Channel to see more pump videos

Where do you sell your Plunger Pumps?

Wastecorp's 19,000 pump installation base spans over 90 countries

China, Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA and Canada represent our largest customer base for Wastecorp Plunger Pumps

Wastecorp's 19,000 pump installation base spans over 90 countries

Did you know? In Englewood Colorado, two local food processing plants use Wastecorp plunger pumps for their sludge handling operations