Space Saver Series

The highly efficient sewage pump - the Sludge Master Space Saver series plunger pump has all of the rugged characteristics you have come to expect within a compact integrated steel frame. At its widest point it measures less than 17". These units are equipped with a uni-construction steel base that eliminates the need for a structural concrete pad. 

The Sludge Master Space Saver is the ideal replacement choice for an existing rotary lobe, progressive cavity or disc pump, since the suction and discharge piping configurations are very similar. Many WWTP’s with varying grit and solids pumping requirements have made the switch to the Space Saver with a versatility that other pump makes do not have. Plunger sizes are available in 7" , 9" and 11"

Space Saver Series


Heavy Duty Sectionalized Pump Construction

The Space Saver Plunger pump is updated for the 21st century and features a sectionalized construction so components can be individually replaced. This saves operators time and operating expenses when performing maintenance.

No Need For A Concrete Pad

The Space Saver Plunger Pump from Wastecorp adapts to your unique fluid handling environment. A heavy duty steel base allows you to plug and play with no need for a pad. This is ideal for municipal or industrial facilities with space constraints in their primary sludge area or solids handling treatment operation.

Designed To Pump The Tough Stuff

Municipal sewage, Sludge with grit, food processing renderings, solids, select chemical waste and general wastewater are no match for the time tested quality and reliability of Sludge Master Plunger Pumps.




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