Hydro Excavation Equipment

Wastecorp hydro-excavation trailers and equipment provide an alternative to large hydro-vac trucks so you can maneuver easily around your jobsite, utilities or urban areas. Wastecorp hydrovac trailers are ideal for trenching, potholing, working around utilities, water and sewer repairs, highway and street repairs, working around oil and gas lines and much more. Select from hydraulic booms up to 3500 CFM suction power, tool racks and automated tilt and rear door opening.


Wastecorp hydro-vac tanks are available from 100 US gallons to over 2000 US gallon sizes and are manufactured locally in steel. We also offer auxiliary jetting systems and polyethylene water tanks up to 325 gallons. Wastecorp Hydro Vac trailers are available with gas, diesel and electric drive systems. Contact Wastecorp today to get started on your project. 1-888-829-2783 or info@wastecorp.com


Industry Leading Suction Power

Select the right engine and suction power for your applications. Wastecorp hydroexcavators start at 540 CFM and are available to 3500 CFM and beyond.

Custom Functionality and Automation

You select the custom components to maximize operator productivity. Select from hydraulic tilt tanks, automated rear door opening and closing, specialized booms and more.

Easy to Use

Wastecorp designs Super Duty Hydro vac's to be operator friendly. Tackle the toughest jobs with a simple and effective design


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