Vacuum Trucks

Wastecorp Vacuum Trucks are designed for customers who require a dedicated vehicle with high suction vacuum systems.  Select from chassis mounted pump and steel tank systems ranging from 300 gallons to over 3000 gallons with up to 1000 CFM suction power blower or vacuum pumps.

Customize your new vacuum truck tank with either waste only tank, split tank for water and waste and jetting system as well. We can supply your entire system ranging from one ton to up to 5 ton trucks from Dodge, Ford, Chevy, International and Isuzu. You can also drop your existing  truck off at our factory subject to vehicle inspection and compatibility.

Wastecorp vacuum trucks are designed for government pump out fleets, industrial waste collection and treatment, local septic pumpers, grease trap recyclers, sewer jetting companies and facilities management. We offer custom systems with hydraulic door opening, automated tilt tanks, rear cameras and the latest technology to enhance your productivity. Call a vacuum truck expert at 1-888-829-2783 or email:


Hydraulic Rear Door Opener

Wastecorp Super Duty Vacuum Trucks feature optional rear hydraulic door openers. With the push of a button inside the cab, you can easily discharge the tank at an approved dump station or for tank maintenance.

Vacuum Truck Vehicles

Wastecorp offers vacuum truck compatibility for electric, gas or diesel vehicles. Select from public road use to facilities management use.

Custom Vacuum Truck Options

Configure your new vacuum truck for your needs with storage options, advanced technology and tank sizing

Optional Tilt Tank

Optional cab controlled tilt tank makes cleaning the tank and discharging faster and easier. Available on select models.

Side or Rear Pump Mount

Select side or rear pump and motor mounting for the ultimate customized pump out system

Optional Split Tanks

Pump out waste and provide water all with one system. You select the waste and water compartment sizes along with the rinse down accessories you need.

Vacuum Trucks


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