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A water buffalo or water wagon is a product to store and transport water for livestock, farms, ranches, industrial facilities and auxiliary fire prevention. A water buffalo does not use a pump. Water is gravity fed to your required location. NSF compliant tanks and lines available for drinking water. Tank sizes are available ranging from 200 gallons to 5000 gallons. Water buffalos do not include pumps, valves or piping. They simply transport fresh water in tanks made from resins that meet FDA specifications. NSF compliant water lines, tanks and components also available.  Tanks sizes range from 300-5000 gallon sizes and are available in black, green and standard translucent. Trailers range from our standard galvanized highway rated models, goose neck and dually trailers (shown above) to manage full tank loads over 2000 gallons.

500-1600 Gallon Water Buffalos

WB-500-1600 Series Water Buffalo

500-1600 Gallon Water Buffalos

Water buffalo, clean water transportation system (no pump) in 500-1600 gallon sizes NSF drinkin..

Looking for a FDA compliant Water Trailer?

Wastecorp's Water Trailers can be made to meet your FDA compliant requirements. Choose from FDA compliant polyethylene or stainless steel tanks. All pump parts, hoses and valves can also be ordered as food grade.