Gas Powered Marine Pump Out - Wastecorp


Gas Powered Marine Pump Out - Wastecorp

Gas powered compact pump out for marinas using Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump technology. Featuring Honda gas engines. New easy to access flappers.

  • Select 1½ ” or 2" connection sizes
  • Powder coated base for salt or fresh water environments
  • The only marine pump out with exclusive Mud Sucker pump technology


Gas powered compact pump out for marinas using Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump technology. Featuring Honda gas engines. New easy to access flappers.

Advanced Pump Technology

The Mud Sucker® is a completely different kind of diaphragm pump and you'll only find it at Wastecorp. With the Mud Sucker you get a contoured velocity channel for enhanced solids handling capacity.

Pump out boats quickly while saving space on your dock

A new era of marina pump outs is upon us. Meet the new Wastecorp Pedestal Pump Out featuring Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump technology. This completely customized pump system allows you to select the options that best suit your facility. From coin operated and remote control panels to lockable cabinets and premium standard accessories, there is no other pump out like it.

Electric or Engine Pumps

You have a choice of either single or three phase electric power or heavy duty Honda 3hp pump out engines.

The One and Only Mud Sucker® Pump

At the heart of your pump out process is your choice of pump. This determines how productively you pump out, how much maintenance you need and how long you can enjoy your investment.

With the Mud Sucker you get:

  • The only pump with a contoured velocity channel
  • Advanced materials of construction
  • Choice of drive systems

Accessories Included

Think of a busy pump out day at your marina. Having universal fittings included and ready to go will help you get more boats pumped out and leave you more time to manage the rest of your marina operation.
- Premium Banjo fittings included
- Universal spill proof adapters 
- Crush proof hosing included 
- Advanced check valve to prevent back flow 

Control Panel

You have a selection of both powder coated and standard fabricated steel control stands with corrosion resistant primers. You can also select:

  • Built in on +off switch
  • Master key switch for security'
  • Coin operated for self service marinas
  • Remote controls
  • Pump out timers
  • Stainless steel hose racks
  • Dual hose rack (two pump systems)


Optional Equipment

If you're buying a top notch marine sanitation system you should get top notch accessories. Wastecorp has partnered with the marine industry's top rated suppliers to offer you special discounts on custom engineered components for your Wastecorp Pump out system.

  • Reel Craft® automated hose reels
  • Reel Craft® manual hose reels
  • Banjo® fittings Peristaltic pumps
  • Vacuum pump systems Stainless steel holding tanks

Standard Features

Accessories and Configurations
* Suction Hose Assy 1.5" x 30ft (std) with clear swing check valve, 90 deg ball valve and universal marine adapter
* Pedestal Stand with Enclosure: Polyurethane coated steel lifting handles and padlocks, integral suction hose stand, powder coated * Control Panel: NEMA 4 weather proof enclosure, push ON/OFF buttons, key switch.
Pump Model Included in System
Standard Connection Type
Alum. Male Camlocks

Optional Features

Optional Drives
4.6HP 3600RPM Hatz 1B20 Diesel Engine (Electric Start)

Pump Specifications

Max. Discharge Head
50' Vertical or 300' Horizontal
Max. Flow Capacity
18 GPM
Max. Suction Lift
20' Vertical or 75' Horizontal
Power Transmission
3HP 3600RPM Honda GX Gas Engine (Manual Start)
Pump Weight (Approx.)
110 lbs
Solids Handling
1.5" Dia. or 50% by Volume
Suction/Discharge Size

Additional Information

Spare Parts Kits
61285-00 Basic Spare Parts Kit; 61284-00 Comprehensive Spare Parts Kit
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