Super Duty® WVP-60

60 Gallon Marine Vacuum Pump

Super Duty® WVP-60

60 Gallon Marine Vacuum Pump

Marine vacuum pump system with control panels pump and tank. Super Duty WVP-60 is a professional grade vacuum pump designed to pump out boats at marinas.

  • 60 gallon tank
  • 1.5-3 hp motors available
  • NEMA 4 control panel
  • Automatic cycling technology

Wastecorp’s marina vacuum system offers cutting edge technology to meet the needs of today’s marina pump-out applications. For portable applications effortlessly move the system around the marina for extreme versatility and convenience. For stationary applications the system securely locks in place. Pump out boats from large distances thanks to its strong vacuum strength and pump hoses. 

Standard Features

Permanent Mounted System ATV Mounted System Trailer Mounted System
Standard Connection Type

Pump Specifications

Max. Discharge Head
30' Vertical or 2000' Horizontal
Max. Flow Capacity
60 GPM
Max. Suction Lift
25' Vertical or 1500' Horizontal
Power Transmission
Suction/Discharge Size
1.5" x 2"
Tank Size
60 USG Tank

Additional Information

* Universal Deck Adapter; *Potty Wand; *Universal Urethane Marine Suction Nozzle
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