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Manual Grout Pumping Has Never Been Easier.
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Grout Pump Pro package. Includes your choice of pump, grout injector wand and discharge hose. 

The Pro's Choice for Grout Pumps.
The Sludge Sucker manual grout pump is a hand operated grout pump for public works and professional contractor jobs. Sludge Sucker's are designed for resin and cementitious material such as Grout with a slump of 10” or more (not recommended for epoxy-type grout). It is also recommended to use products such as “Slick Willie” or “Slick-Pak” to help reduce line pressure and reduce overall friction in the pump and hose system 
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The Versatile Grout Pump
Wastecorp's Sludge Sucker grout pump transfers almost any kind of non-epoxy type grout. For large jobs, you can disconnect the hopper and attach the pump to a larger source with a Wastecorp suction hose.

Designed To Last.
These grout pumps are ideal for areas where a full size grout rigger cannot reach. Sludge Sucker grout pumps ship complete as shown with a 14 qt hopper/funnel, contoured lever action handle and quick release camlock fittings, which makes clean-up of the hopper and hose lines easier. All accessories that you need are included.*

Sludge Sucker Grout Pump Features
The 14 qt hopper funnel provides optimal capacity for most grouting jobs. You can easily disconnect the funnel for larger jobs and attach to another source.
Standard quick connect fittings help you attach hoses easily and disconnect quickly.

Easy grip handle for comfortable and secure grouting.

Save time and money by ordering the Pro package with our heavy duty grout injector wand and crush resistant hosing.


Sludge Sucker Grout Pump Applications
  • - Machine base grouting
  • - Mud-jacking Door bucks
  • - Void filling Piling encasements
  • - Post tensioning
  • - Rock/soil anchors
  • - Pre cast tunnel joints
  • - Waterproofing pipe jacking slurry
  • - Tunnel liners
  • - Pre-cast tilt-up
  • - Traffic dividers
  • - General contractor grouting jobs

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