Sludge Master Plunger Pumps Why a Plunger Pump?

When researching information on a positive displacement pump like a plunger pump, one of the most important factors to consider is how long the technology has been specified by consulting engineers and approved for government use. Wastecorp’s PE, HPE and EHPE Series have been specified for municipal and industrial sewage treatment since the 1920’s with several engineering updates and upgrades made over the years.

Pioneering Heavy Duty Sludge Transfer

There are many firsts when it comes to Wastecorp plunger pumps with a focus on constant improvement. From the ground breaking first plunger pump to leave the factory in Ridgewood, NJ to the updated materials and leak free design of today, the plunger pump started a movement toward heavy duty sludge transfer equipment. 

The Replaceable Connecting Rod Insert

With a keen eye towards reducing maintenance costs, the replaceable connecting rod insert (sometimes referred to as Babbitt) is now standard equipment on all Wastecorp plunger pump models. No need to replace the entire connecting rod, only the insert. Save thousands in
maintenance costs over the life of the pump.

One Tough Sludge Pump

With over 300 representatives in the United States, Canada, China, Italy, Mexico Australia, Brazil, Russia, India and more, Wastecorp offers a top quality sales and service force to ensure that you
are never left without assistance when you need it. See a video on an average plunger pump
startup from our qualified factory trained technicians.
Corrosion Resistance
Wastecorp’s X Series plunger pumps offer corrosion resistance packages for many industries including food processing and oil\petrochemicals. Pump are available with corrosion resistance components like stainless steel, tungsten carbide and chrome oxide plungers to complete
stainless steel pumps for food processing applications.
Leader by Design
At Wastecorp we take our materials of construction and pump design process seriously.
See more on how we manufacture a plunger pump from start to finish.

Constant Innovation in Plunger Pump Technology

Reducing energy costs is on just about everyone’s mind. From homeowners monitoring their electric bills and fuel bills to consulting engineers designing next generation wastewater treatment plants that operate on 40% less energy, Wastecorp is an active partner with vendors, engineers and end-users to reduce energy on all of our equipment.  
Wastecorp and Social Media
At Wastecorp we communicate with our customers using the medium they prefer including social media. Increasingly we seek to sift through the “noisy” landscape that characterizes the pump industry, providing accurate information directly from the factory. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and see our latest pump videos on Youtube . We encourage you to rate our products and services in order to serve you better.