Super Duty® Vacuum Pumps Why Wastecorp Vacuum Pumps?

Why Wastecorp Vacuum Pumps?

There are important factors you should consider when selecting a vacuum pump manufacturer. This is because your vacuum pump is an investment like any other piece of equipment at your facility or in your fleet.


Wastecorp is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certified Pump Manufacturer

Wastecorp vacuum pump systems undergo rigorous quality control standards in accordance with Hydraulic Institute standards. We are also an ISO 9001 certified pump manufacturer which sets quality standards for the pumps you invest in. And, because protecting our environment is embedded within the fabric of Wastecorp (our logo represents the greening of the earth), we are an ISO 14001 certified pump manuacturer as well. Community impact on Wastecorp's operations are important to us and our environmental management policies are constantly reviewed and updated. 

Made in North America

Wastecorp has operations in both the United States and Canada. Super Duty vacuum pumps are manufactured in the USA and/or Canada. We believe in manufacturing a quality product at a competitive price using local resources when possible.

Engineering Support

When starting to plan your pump needs, it helps to have expert advice from technical support people with years in the pump manufacturing business. That's just what you get with Wastecorp. We have seen thousands of applications and installations over almost three decades in the business. We help you plan your pump size needs, control panel options and accessories so you get what you need the first time. This saves you time and enhances your organization's productivity.

Lifecycle Support

When investing in pumping equipment you want to make sure that your pump manufacturer has the track record and demonstrated support to its customers. Wastecorp represents over 20,000 pump installations worldwide and have supported these installations for 30 years.

There When You Need Us

No matter what your vacuum pump needs contact a pump manufacturer who has the track record, experience and know how to get the professional system you need for the long haul. Contact us at 1-888-829-2783 or email