Mud Sucker® 2B-HP-DD™

2" Pro Series Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Pump

Mud Sucker 2B-HP-DD Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Pump. 

The Mud Sucker 2B-HP-DD is Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Pump designed for solids laden waste water pumping applications. This pump features easy to service and easy to change check balls. 

Standard Features

Accessories and Configurations
64349-00 Pump with Air Chambers
ATV Wagon Kit
Standard Connection Type

Pump Specifications

Approx. Pump Operating Speed
66 RPM
Ball Valves
2.5" Dia. Urethane with Steel Core
Gear Reducer
Siemens or SEW Eurodrive
Max. Discharge Head
50' Vertical or 300' Horizontal
Max. Flow Capacity
40 GPM
Max. Liquid Temperature
140°F (60°C) continuous
Max. Suction Lift
20' Vertical or 75' Horizontal
Power Transmission
2HP @ 1800RPM 500PSI 13GPM Parker Hydraulic Motor
Pump Weight (Approx.)
250 lbs
Solids Handling
1.5" Dia. or 50% by Volume
Suction/Discharge Size

Materials of Construction

AISI 12L14 Carbon Steel
7" OD Neoprene with Reinforcement
Pump Castings
Aluminum A356, heat treated
Pump Rod
AISI 12L14 Carbon Steel

Additional Information

Spare Parts Kits
63166-00 Basic Spare Parts Kit; 63165-00 Comp. Spare Parts Kit
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