Viper™ Jetter Trailers

Wastecorp is a leading manufacturer of jetter trailers used for the residential, municipal and industrial sewer and pipe cleaning.  With a wide range of  tank and pump sizes , your next jetter pump trailer feature custom components so you get exactly what you need.

Tips on how to select a Wastecorp Viper Jetter Pump Trailer.

1. When choosing a Jetter pump you need to determine what size of  pipe you will be cleaning and material of the pipe .

2. Trailer size and number of axles / tires is determined by the fully loaded weight of the tank and auxiliary equipment that will be mounted on the trailer deck. (GVWR)

3. The first rule of jetter pumps   :  Pressure (psi) is “cutting” power and Flow (GPM) is “flushing” power.

4. Descaling up to 8” pipe 10 GPM at 3000 PSI with 3/8” hose is common. 

5. Descaling up to 8” pipe with roots  18 GPM @ 4000 PSI is ½” hose is common with a rotating warthog or Rotojet nozzle head

6. Descaling 10” – 24” pipe with roots 25 – 40 GPM at 3000 PSI  with ¾” hose is recommended with 360° rotating jetter nozzle

7. Selecting the water tank size ( gallons) is dependent on your jetter pump flow rate and access to  re-filling the tank.

8. Trailer size and number of axles / tires is determined by the fully loaded weight of the tank and auxiliary equipment that will be mounted on the trailer deck . 

9. When descaling  a pipe with grease , a hot-water burner is recommended which will heat the water to 120F for super cleaning power .


Premium Welded Vacuum Tanks

Wastecorp vacuum tanks are made with steel or optional stainless steel for long term durability and reliability. You can customize specific tank components like volume gauges, inspection ports and manways

Hot or Cold Water Jetters

Custom hot or cold water systems designed for your specific application

Severe Duty Trailers

Wastecorp goes the extra step with our trailer systems. With premium galvanized frames you’ll get protection for your investment. Diamond plate decks, Breakaway switch, LED lights and electric brakes are all standard features you deserve.



Jetter Specs

Galvinized DOT trailer w/ LED lights and Electric brakes
Single , Tandem and Triple Axle configurations
2 5/16" Ball or 3” Pintle Hitch bumper connection point
10 – 40 GPM GPM
2000 – 4000 PSI
Pressure Relief Valve
Adjustable Throttle through entire range 2000 - 4000 PSI 0-40 GPM
200 - 1600 Gallon Polyethylene line Tank
Pumps Bypass Circulates Through Tank Virtually Eliminating Pump Overheating
Tank has Dual Float Valves for Overflow Prevention and Fast Fill-Up
Low Water Shut-off
Water Filtration System for Pump
10HP - 74 HP Range
Tach and Hour Meter (Optional)
Electric Jetting Hose Reel
12 Volt DC Electric Reel for Easy Wind & Unwind for Precise Cleaning Control
Hose length from 300 Ft – 500 Ft
Hose Diameter 3/8” to 3/4" Thermoplastic Sewer Hose
On/Off Switch Prevents Accidental Hose Reel Activation
Jetting Nozzles: Included
Stationary and optional Rotojet (Free Spinning 360* coverage)
Nozzle Cleanout Tool
Pressure Washer
Hand held Pressure Washer with Trigger gun
Nozzle and Spray Tips Included

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