AOD Pumps

Mud Sucker® mechanical AOD pump manufacturers selection. Air operated diaphragm pumps (AOD) serve the needs of processing industries, petrochemical production and more with a choice of materials of construction for your application. This pump series is available with FDA compliant models, abrasion resistant models and corrosive fluid pumping configurations. Mud Sucker Air driven series are available with 1"(38 mm), 1-1/2" (38 mm), 2" (50 mm) and 3" (76 mm) connection sizes. Application specific materials of construction such as FDA compliant internals, abrasion resistant flappers and diaphragms for chemicals, solvents and non solvent pumping applications are available.

AOD Pumps


An Advanced AOD Pump Design

Mud Sucker mechanical AOD pumps offer a less complicated method to pump wastewater and solids versus traditional AOD style pumps. The Mud Sucker features an inline flow path to productively pump fluids compared to the twists and turns that are common in conventional AOD pumps.

AOD and AODD Style Mud Sucker Pumps

Wastecorp designs and manufactures both AOD and AODD pumps. Mud Sucker models are capable of pumping from 10-220 GPM utilizing the pump industry’s highest quality air drives and available regulators and silencers.

AOD Pump Package Solutions

Mud Sucker AOD pumps are offered in several custom configurations to adapt to your unique fluid handling environment. We offer wheel kits and containment systems for all types of terrain and most fluid types.


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