Double Disc Pumps - Coupled

Next Generation Double Disc Pump Technology

Wastecorp has elevated double disc pump technology to the next level. Meet the Sludge Pro® double disc pump product line ranging from single disc to double disc pumps, triplex and quadruplex configurations. Designed for sewage and sludge pumping at WWTP's, for processing waste and heavy duty industrial slurry pumping. 

Sludge Pro's pump up to 502 GPM and feature a leak free design with no regular maintenance required. We offer long lasting trunnions, discs and ball valves for the ultimate pumping experience. You get to select either a clack valve or ball valve configurations - The only double disc pump manufacturer to offer your choice of solids handling technology. Your facility can also try Sludge Pro disc pumps for free. We are confident you will want to keep it when you see how easy the Sludge Pro is to operate. We also offer a try and buy program to replace your current double disc pump, lobe pump, plunger pump or progressive cavity pump. New pump distributors are welcome for the Sludge Pro Disc pump product line. Contact for more information.

Double Disc Pumps - Coupled


The Only Double Disc Pump Manufacturer That Offers Clack Valve and Ball Valve Models

Wastecorp clack valves can pass up to 2 ½” solids, the highest solids handling capability of any double disc pump. Access both the suction and the discharge in seconds. The operator simply twists the handle and inspects. By far the simplest double disc pump to maintain on the market.

Ball Valve Model For Tough Municipal or Industrial Solids

We also offer ball valve models for enhanced slurry and solids management at municipal wastewater treatments plants or industrial solids handling pumping requirements. The steel core check balls send solids on their way. Like the clack valve model the operator can access the suction and discharge in seconds.

Get a Comparison With the Sludge Pro and The Red Kind

If you are an engineer or an operator looking at your double disc pump options you are likely hearing a lot of noise as to who’s double disc pump is better for your facility. Get the facts with Wastecorp’s video and technical comparison guide. Click here for a double disc pump comparison.


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