Dual Tank Honey Wagons

From oil spill waste clean up to flood control and emergency pump outs, one of the most critical factors in managing disasters is your readiness plan.

Wastecorp's new waste containment plus fresh water distribution system, helps you plan ahead with up to 2000 gallon waste collection tanks and a separate high pressure fresh water tank up to 500 gallons. This system is designed to pump and contain crude oil, oil slurry, select hazardous liquids and general wastewater. These systems are used as flood pumps, disaster management pumps, pumps for FEMA, flood control pumps, hurricane management pumps, sanitation in floods oil spill pumps and more. Dual tank honey wagons include a heavy duty 2021 model Mud Sucker FAC Series pump and a high pressure water pump with premium Honda engines. Pump waste up to 80 GPM and distribute fresh water up to 256 GPM. See video and product features for more information


Dual Tank Convenience

If you have a need to pump and contain waste and provide a fresh water source then the Wastecorp Water + Waste System is your answer. This is ideal for recreational pumping applications, resorts, septic pumpers and campground RV pump outs. Select from any combination of water and waste tank sizing.

Separate Pumps. Separate Hosing

Pumping water and waste are two different beasts. That’s why Wastecorp provides the industry leading Mud Sucker diaphragm pump for pumping waste and a high pressure water delivery pump for rinse down services and a fresh water source. All Pro Series industrial grade hoses are kept separate.

Trailer or Skid Mounted

Wastecorp offers both skid mounted and DOT compliant trailer mounted dual tank honey wagons. Trailer mounted models feature electric brakes, surge protection, and LED lighting. Skid mounted models can be safely mounted anywhere including on land, in a pick up or box truck.


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