Wastecorp HW 200 Series Mobile100-200 Gallon Pump Outs

Select 100,150 or 200 gallon honey wagons with your choice of electric, engine, air or hydraulic drives. Select from ATV tow packages, trailer mounted or turf tire mounted.

  • Select from ATV, trailer or turf tire configurations
  • Exclusive three way valve system
  • Pump into or out of the tank
  • 2" or 3" Mud Sucker pump options
  • Select either 100,150 or 200 gallon tanks
  • Electric, engine, air or hydraulic drives systems
  • Financing available


100,150 or 200 gallon wheel mounted honey wagons with your choice of electric, engine, air or hydraulic drives. Select from ATV tow packages, trailer mounted or turf tire mounted. 

Septic Waste Pumps With Containment in Mind. Pump it and contain it.

The honey wagon has evolved to include several applications outside of septic waste collection. Many of our customers have put their creativity to work to start viable small businesses. Check out what a sample of our customers have done with their honey wagon systems. For example, a small business owner in Lexington, Kentucky uses Wastecorp's 100 gallon honey wagon to collect restaurant waste trap grease to produce alternative fuel for area farm equipment and trucks. He started his business with one unit and now has five. A service company in the Florida Keys uses four Wastecorp Honey wagons mounted on a pontoon boat to provide fresh water to boats docked outside of the main marina. A farm equipment company in Des Moines, Iowa spreads liquid fertilizer across thousands of acres of crops using Wastecorp honey wagons and high pressure pumping equipment.


Standard Features

ATV Wagon Kit, 2" Hitch, 3-Way Ball Valve
Pump Model Included in System
Standard Connection Type
Alum. Male Camlocks

Optional Features

Optional Drives
Electric, gas, diesel, explosion proof, air or hydraulic

Pump Specifications

Approx. Pump Operating Speed
70 RPM
Gear Reducer
Siemens or SEW Eurodrive
Max. Discharge Head
50’ Vertical or 22 psi
Max. Liquid Temperature
140°F (60°C) continuous
Max. Suction Lift
20’ Vertical or 75’ Horizontal (with foot valve)
Performance Range - Max. Capacity
20 GPM
Pump Specifications - Suction/Discharge Size
Solids Handling
1½” Dia. or 50% by Volume
Tank Size
100, 150 or 200 Gallon Flat Bottom, White Poly Utility Tank

Materials of Construction

AISI 12L14 Carbon Steel
7” OD Neoprene with Reinforcement
Flapper Valves
Pump Castings
Aluminum A356, heat treated
Pump Rod
AISI 12L14 Carbon Steel

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