Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Pumps

Long before hurricane season in the United States and Canada which usually taked place from June-October, municipalities and businesses should have an action plan ready to have the right pump equipment on hand to minimize damage to asset like property, inventory and infrastructure. Wastecorp works with towns, cities and counties, power plants, oil refineries and companies to identify the right pumps to have ready.

Being weather-ready is the key to managing the disaster when it happens. Municipalities and businesses are urged to create a contingency plan which usually involves multiple vendors. Wastecorp has earned a seat at the table with a 30 year track record in helping government and private industry plan an effective strategy to managing natural disasters. Whether that involves rental pumps, waste containment systems or other products Wastecorp can sit down with you team to plan your strategy. Get started by contacting a pump expert at 1-888-829-2783 anywhere in the USA or Canada. You can also browse some of our hurricane ready pumps and systems below.


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