Electric Dry Prime Trash Pumps

Wastecorp’s TFV dry prime pumps are used in a wide range of applications in the Municipal, Agricultural, Oil Gas , Chemical and Industrial sectors .  The heavy duty bearing design can be mounted with electric motor’s or SAE engine-mount configurations. 

TFV Electric Solids Handling Models

Model Connection Size Max. Flow Capacity Solids Handling Total Head
TFV-4S pdf document 4"x4" 1700 GPM 3" 150'
TFV-6x4S pdf document 6"x4" 3000 GPM 3" 490'
TFV-6S pdf document 6"x6" 3600 GPM 3" 300'
TFV-8x6S pdf document 8"x6" 4875 GPM 3" 625'
TFV-8S pdf document 8"x8" 4500 GPM 3" 200'
TFV-10x8S pdf document 10"x8" 6500 GPM 3.5" 450'
TFV-12x8S pdf document 12"x8" 12000 GPM 3" 720'
TFV-12S pdf document 12"x12" 9500 GPM 3.75" 325'

TFV Electric Clear Liquid Models

Model Connection Size Max. Flow Capacity Solids Handling Total Head
TFV-4x3C pdf document 4"x3" 800 GPM 0.5" 490'
TFV-4C pdf document 4"x4" 900 GPM 0.5" 250'
TFV-6x4C pdf document 6"x4" 1875 GPM 1" 350'
TFV-6C pdf document 6"x6" 2700 GPM 1" 320'
TFV-8x6C pdf document 8"x6" 4400 GPM 1" 310'
TFV-10x8C pdf document 10"x8" 5250 GPM 1.1" 860'
TFV-10C pdf document 10"x10" 6000 GPM 1.3" 310'
TFV-12C pdf document 12"x12" 11000 GPM 2.3" 300'




Wastecorp Prime Line™ technology is capable of rapid (50 CFM) self-priming up to 28 Feet ( 8 meter) depths below the pump. The fast priming positive displacement vacuum pump ensures that no water carry-over occurs thanks to the reliable inlet float box chamber. Learn More

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