Marina Vacuum Pump

Marina vacuum pump manufacturer. Wastecorp designs, engineers and manufactures high suction power vacuum pumps for marine applications. Select from dock mounted pumps outs to portable models that you can maneuver around your marina.

Marina Vacuum Pump


Advanced Mobility

Wastecorp offers marine vacuum pumps with advanced mobility options. Select from four wheel cart style pump (shown here), trailer mounted or dolly style. No matter what size marina you need to service, Wastecorp has the mobile pump out system for you

Stationary Vacuum Pumps

Select from 65-1600 gallon stationary vacuum pump sizes for your marina. Super Duty pumps are easy-to-use for self-service or supervised pump out operations. With weather resistant hoses and materials of construction, your investment will pay off with years of reliable service.

Custom Marine Pump Options

Wastecorp specializes in custom marine pumps for any size marina. We can offer vacuum pumps with high tech control panels that are token and credit card operated, remote control or smart phone capable. We can help you get the pump out you need.


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