Self-Priming Dry Prime Pumps

Trash Flow Dry Prime pumps are built for emergency bypass and dewatering applications. The unique oil bath technology, ensures that the mechanical seal is always lubricated in its own chamber. This safeguard allows the pump to run dry indefinitely without damage. Trash Flow TFV Series pumps can pass 3” spherical solids and produce suction lifts to 28 Ft. This enhanced priming system, minimizes effluent discharge into the environment.

Compare the differences between dry prime and wet prime pumps.

Self-Priming Dry Prime Pumps

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Wastecorp Dry Prime

Wastecorp's Dry Prime Trash Flow Pumps are the superior choice when it comes to dry prime pumps. With Wastecorp's dry prime pumps you get high performance, reliability and easy to use operation. Our pumps can be configured in a variety of sizes and engines and can even be equipped with a sound attenuated enclosure.

Wastecorp’s TFV dry prime pumps are used in a wide range of applications in the Municipal, Agricultural, Oil Gas , Chemical and Industrial sectors .  The heavy duty bearing design can be mounted with electric motor’s or SAE engine-mount

Electric Dry Prime Trash Pumps
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