Custom Honey Wagons for Specific Industries

Wastecorp manufactures custom honey truck and honey wagon pump out systems for specific industries and applications including commercial aviation, railways, movie studios, golf courses and property management. If you don’t see the honey wagon that meets your needs on, our custom design and engineering team will work with you directly.
Custom Specifications for
Jobs of All Sizes

Wastecorp designs custom honey wagon systems for almost any specification. Contact our design team for more information 1-888-829-2783.
  Custom honey wagon

Marinas and Campgrounds
Both large and small marinas and campgrounds have specialized needs for their pump out operations. Many facilities must contend with several large and small boats and RV's and the subsequent variety of tank sizes. Wastecorp can help you determine what kind of system is ideal for your facility.
Commercial Ports and Cruise Ships
Cargo vessels and cruise ship applications range from waste collection to fresh water distribution. Wastecorp provides back up systems and full service pump outs for large vessels and high demand applications.
Railways and Transit
Railways and transit authorities typically contend with high volume, high demand waste water collection everyday day, servicing multiple locomotives, coaches and buses. Our Professional series honey wagons are designed for dependable, high demand applications in mind. Plus, we can retrofit your existing fleets and service trucks with systems to maximize your investment.
Golf Course Property Management
Golf course applications range from lagoon cleaning, rest room servicing and portable toilet servicing. Wastecorp honey wagons are designed to help you get the job done fast with a variety of vehicle mount configurations.
Movie Studio Production
Movie and television production sets that use portable toilet trailers or require fresh water distribution depend on portable servicing units to provide sanitation services. Wastecorp is a supplier to rental companies and directly to studios.
Commercial Aviation
Wastecorp's aviation honey wagon series are designed to service commercial aircraft rest rooms including Boeing, Airbus and Embraer. From stainless steel tanks to specialty truck mounts we are pleased to serve the wastewater transfer needs of over five airlines.
Disaster Management
From oil and chemical spills to municipal sewage overflow, Wastecorp manufactures stand by emergency waste and chemical containment systems for government and industry. These systems are designed for your specific application with specialized components according to your needs.
Sample Case Studies
    - Wastecorp provided a naval base with a tractor trailer mounted 3000 gallon tank,
    equipped with solids a handling B Series professional pump. This system was used
    to collect wastewater at a 23,000 staff base.

    - A mobile home community in South Dakota uses triple axle 2000 gallon honey wagons to service septic tanks with an MS-3FA 3” pump.

    - A public transit authority in Hoboken, NJ needed roof top honey wagon systems designed for their fleet of Ford F-150 service trucks. The trucks service dozens of locomotive toilets everyday.