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  • 1000 Gallon Waste Containment System
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Medium Capacity Honey Wagons
Small to medium pump out jobs. Septic, waste oil, wastewater, agricultural pumping. Capacities ranging from 25-200 gallons

25 Gallon (96 L)
Pump Out Caddy
A compact manual
honey wagon system.
Pump caddy
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  50 Gallon (189 L)

Trolley Mount
A compact pump out in manual or motor driven.
50 Gallon honey wagon
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  100-200 Gallon (379- 757 L)

ATV Package
Maneuver tight docks or cart paths with ease.
Alternative to septic tank pumping service
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High Capacity Honey Wagons
For higher volume waste transfer. Select from skid mounted and trailer mounted models. Capacities ranging from 325-7000 gallons

  325 Gallon (1230 L)

Featuring a specialized cradle system to manage full tank loads. 300 gallon pump out
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  525-725 Gallon (1987-2744 L)

Tandem axle honey wagons for higher waste transfer jobs. 800 gallon pump out
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  1035 Gallon (3918 L)

For higher capacity pump out operations
1035 gallon honey wagon
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  1635-2035 Gallon (6189 L - 7700 L)

High volume septic waste transfer. Triple axle honey wagons
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  2500-3000 Gallon (9460-11,350 L)

Our flagship pump truck style systems. 2500 gallon pump out
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  5000-7000 Gallon (18,900-26,500 L)

Ultra high capacity pump out systems.
5000-7000 Gallon Waste Pumper
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Specialty Honey Wagons
Custom honey wagons with options like rinse tanks, utility vehicles and skid mounted. Get the configuration you need
  Skid Mounted Honey Wagons

A wide variety of mounting systems for stationary pump outs. skid honey wagon
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  Water Wagon + Honey wagon


The all-in-one waste collection and fresh water distribution system.
water wagon and honey wagon system
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  Custom Fleet Specs


Utility vehicle honey wagon systems and more.
custom honey wagon specs

Select a Honey Wagon That's Designed for Your Application

Wastecorp is an ISO 9001 certified honey wagon manufacturer. Honey wagon waste containment and sanitation systems are available in several sizes ranging from 25 gallon (96 liters) to over 5000 gallon (18,900 liters) tank sizes and beyond. All models are designed for heavy use pumping applications at campgrounds, marinas, yacht clubs, commercial aviation, railroads, waste vegetable oil collection, industrial remediation pumping, municipal and military liquid waste containment, hydro power plant pumping and much more. All DT models now feature LED lighting packages and break-away trailer switches. Select a honey wagon model above to learn more. Our 2018 honey wagon product guide is now available

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Wastecorp Quality.

Did you know? A waste containment system sometimes called a "honey wagon", pump truck, pumper or vac pump can be used for industrial wastewater containment and remediation projects, used vegetable waste pumping, grease trap waste pumping service, military liquid waste containment, bilge waste, rv grey water, black water pump outs as well as special event, portable toilet servicing and more.