Double Disc Pumps

Wastecorp is one of the worlds largest double disc pump manufacturers. The Sludge Pro product line is offered in a wide range of models from single , double disc,  triplex and quadruplex configurations. Sludge Pro's pump up to 502 GPM and feature a leak free design with no regular maintenance required. We offer long lasting trunnions, discs and check valves for the ultimate pumping experience.

Single Disc Pumps

Sludge Pro single disc pumps use one trunnion to pump up to 127 GPM. Select from either the Sludge Pro Space Saver or the standard Sludge Pro simplex model. 

Double Disc Pumps

Wastecorp is the manufacturer of Sludge Pro double disc pumps. Sludge Pro pumps are designed to transfer municipal sewage, sludge, food processing waste and much more.

Mobile Double Disc Pumps

Mobile double disc pumps with tier 4 compliant diesel engines and your choice of clack valve style or ball valve style variations.

Space Saver Double Disc Pumps


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