Honey Wagon

Wastecorp is an ISO 9001 certified honey wagon manufacturer. Honey wagon waste containment and sanitation systems are available in several sizes ranging from 25 gallon (96 liters) to over 5000 gallon (18,900 liters) tank sizes and beyond. All models are designed for heavy use pumping applications at campgrounds, marinas, yacht clubs, commercial aviation, railroads, waste vegetable oil collection, industrial remediation pumping, municipal and military liquid waste containment, hydro power plant pumping and much more. All DT models now feature LED lighting packages and break-away trailer switches. Select a honey wagon model above to learn more. 

Honey Wagon

Skid mounted waste containment systems also called honey wagons are suitable for mounting in a truck, ATV trailer, concrete pad or on land. Pump out septic waste, waste trap grease, used oil and general wastewater. All skid mounted honey wagons f

Skid Mounted Honey Wagons

Pump out system with a waste tank and a water tank. Available in both trailer mounted or skid mounted configurations.

Dual Tank Honey Wagons


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