Electric Diaphragm Pumps

Wastecorp's electric diaphragm pumps are  manufactured for the industrial and municipal pump markets.  Standard single phase electric, three phase electric and explosion proof motors available. With capabilities to pump up to 1½" solids, Wastecorp recommends the 2FAC-EC for wastewater, septic waste and much more. Contact an electric diaphragm pump expert at 1-888-829-2783.


Advanced Technology Flappers

The Mud Sucker’s exclusive easy access chambers on the suction and discharge enables the operator to quickly inspect or change the flappers with the twist of a handle. This is a major time saver and productivity enhancing feature of the Mud Sucker.

Contoured Velocity Channel

The Mud Sucker’s patented contoured velocity channel reduces contact with moving components and the fluid being pumped. This may extend the life of components.

Made For Your Pumping Job

Select from electric, gas, diesel, air or hydraulic drive systems. We also offer explosion proof motors for applications that require it. Custom components for application specific pumping tasks also available

Premium Gear Box

Energy efficient and manufactured to the highest standards. Designed for heavy use.

Operator Protection

The Mud Sucker runs sealed so the operator is not exposed to moving components.

Custom Configurations

Select from wheels kits, hoses, ATV tow packages and containment systems for the custom system you need.

Flapper Valve Comparison

Ball Check Valve Comparison

Product Model Suction/Discharge Size Max. Flow Capacity Max. Discharge Head
2B Mud Sucker® 2B-EC™ pdf document 2" 20 GPM 22 psi
2B-DD Mud Sucker® 2B-EC-DD™ pdf document 2" 40 GPM 22 psi
3B Mud Sucker® 3B-EC™ pdf document 3" 80 GPM 22 psi
3B-DD Mud Sucker® 3B-EC-DD™ pdf document 3" 160 GPM 22 psi
4B Mud Sucker® 4B-EC™ pdf document 4" 110 GPM 22 psi
4B-DD Mud Sucker® 4B-EC-DD™ pdf document 4" 220 GPM 22 psi

Medium Duty Flapper

Heavy Duty Ball

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