Engine Diaphragm Pumps

Wastecorp is the manufacturer of Mud Sucker® engine driven diaphragm pumps. All pump models are available with either Honda gas engines or Kohler/Hatz diesel engines. Select from either 1.5", 2", 3" or 4" connection sizes


The Pump Industry’s Most Intelligent Flapper System

With the Mud Sucker you select from heavy duty EPDM flappers or a check ball system to manage solids. Access the suction and discharge in seconds with the twist of a handle. The Mud Sucker flapper valve system is ideal for pumping solids up to 2¼”.

Ball Valve Solids Management System

If higher slurry concentrations are present in your pumping application, the Mud Sucker ball valve Series may be a good choice. Like the flapper system, you can access the check balls in seconds with the twist of a handle. Pump spherical solids up to 2¼”.

Gas or Diesel Engines

The Mud Sucker is available with your choice of gas or diesel engines. Wastecorp only uses Honda Gas engines. Electric start is available. Select from Kohler, Hatz and Yanmar engines.

Medium Duty Flapper

Heavy Duty Ball

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