The Clean Vessel Act

Updating the pump out equipment at your marina can be easier with a grant through the Clean Vessel Act

Wastecorp can help you benefit from the Clean Vessel Act which provides grants to States for the construction/ renovation, operation and maintenance of pump out, portable toilet dump stations and vacuum pump systems. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, since Congress passed the Act in 1992, grants have been awarded to install over 2,800 pump stations and 1,700 dump stations. 1

The grant was reauthorized in 1998 and 2003 and provides $50 million to continue to provide alternatives to overboard disposal of recreational boater sewage. Federal funds may constitute up to 75% of all approved projects with the remaining funds provided by the States or marinas.

The Clean Vessel Act originally targeted coastal waters but is now as popular for fresh water environments as well.

There are several options available where Wastecorp can help.

Floating Sanitation Systems

For portable rest rooms on the water with an attached holding tank, a pump out may be used to service the facility usually with a hand pump that can be mounted directly to the vessel. Ideal for Fresh water environments.

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Mobile Pump Out Boats

This increasingly popular method allows the marina to conveniently pump out sewage by going to different slips and hooking them up to a pump out system located on the vessel. This way, boaters can enjoy their weekend boating while marina’s pump out the vessels during the week when there is less of a crowd. Ideal for salt water and fresh water environments.

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Fixed Dock Pump Out Facility

Designed for mid-size and larger marinas, the fixed dock pump out system is ideal for larger vessels which dock next to the pump out. The sewage is then pumped into a large holding tank that is regularly serviced.

Vacuum Pumps for Marinas

Wastecorp offers a variety of high suction marine vacuum pump systems for higher traffic marinas, yacht clubs and boat yards. vacuum pumps pump out septic waste including rags, wipes (baby wipes), Lysol/Clorox wipes and other makes.

The Clean Vessel Act and Your State

Each State has an application form to complete to initiate the grant request process. Wastecorp can help you locate the forms you need. Call us toll-free at 1.888.829.2783. Otherwise, you can consult your State's web site for more information.

1 Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.




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